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The Hancock Tower

John_Hancock_TowerOffice Space in the John Hancock Tower

The John Hancock Tower was completed in 1976 and became the tallest building in Boston, surpassing the height of the Prudential Center. The construction of this tower out ranks the Pru, whose height was previously took the title from the original John Hancock Building. This prompted John Hancock Insurance Company, the buildings’ namesake, to build the John Hancock Tower.

The building opened and contained many engineering flaws originally. It was most infamous for it’s window panes which would fall in windy conditions. Since then, the building has been perfected and all issues fixed.

The Tower featured an observation deck until 9/11 in which it was closed for “security reasons” and has yet to reopen. The building stands at 790ft with 60 floors. It’s address is considered 200 Clarendon Ave in Boston MA.

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