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Boston’s Seaport District


Institute of Contemporary Art


Boston Convention Center


Fan Pier

Office Space in Boston’s Seaport District

Look for office spaces with beautiful ocean views on the Boston Waterfront including locations near Boston Harbor, Boston Convention Center, and the Seaport World Trade

Boston_downtown_skylineThe South Boston Waterfront, more commonly referred to as “Seaport District” is an up-and-coming neighborhood which has recently undergone a redevelopment.This area is prime real estate for businesses, especially restaurants and retail spaces. Prominent buildings in the area include the Seaport World Trade Center, Boston Convention Center, and the Institute of Contemporary Art. The Moakley United States Courthouse is also located in the Seaport District in what is known as Fan Pier. This area features modern architecture, gorgeous ocean views, and easy accessibility from the modern Silver Line. With continuous new construction,there are constantly new spaces on the market.

Seaport District Map